- an unveiling, what is revealed

Just like Paul prayed for the Ephesians, it is our prayer that the eyes of the hearts of those who come to Revelation House, would be enlightened (Ephesians 1:17-23); and that the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation would be upon you.  

The revelation of Jesus comes forth through the Word and with the uniting of Holy Spirit during prayer. Jesus and the Spirit come together. When we are aware that the Holy Spirit is with us every minute of every day, that is habitation and that’s the most amazing experience, as that’s when the Glory rests. May we all receive a revelation of Jesus and Holy Spirit walking side-by-side with us in all that we do, every moment of the day. It’s John 14:23 coming to pass - when Jesus and the Holy Spirit make their home inside of us.   Don't you know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit lives in you? (1 Corinthians 3:16).  

As we read God's Word and as we pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help us to understand, the Holy Spirit will teach us what God is saying through the scriptures. Since the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, He is like a torchlight who searches our hearts to see what is truly going on in there! The human mind can't understand the scripture on its own. That understanding comes as a gift of God to each and every believer. It is the Holy Spirit that brings the revelation (or understanding) of what God's Word means. His Holy Spirit lives within us for the purpose of doing that very thing, to reveal the secrets of God. On the flip side, these secrets will remain a mystery to those who don't accept Jesus, (Philemon 2:5-11). 

Until the Lord opens the eyes of our heart, we are blind. Until the Spirit has become our instructor, all that we know and do is folly and ignorance. Until the Spirit of God has made it known to us by a secret revelation, the knowledge of our divine calling exceeds the capacity of our own minds. At conversion, the Holy Spirit opens our eyes so that we can see who God is and who we are for the very first time. But after conversion, He continues to work to give us insight into His revealed Word and to deepen our personal relationship with Him, (John 16:13; Galatians 5:16).  

Let that scripture burn with revelation in your heart. And as you speak out of that burning revelation, God anoints the words that you speak. When you declare, “By His stripes I am healed,” and that declaration is uttered with a sense of revelation and faith in Jesus, there will be power in your declaration! 

Hang out with Jesus, and all that He is, will rub off on you. Your thoughts and your words will be full of the fragrance of His sweet presence and grace. All your inferiority and insecurities will melt away in His marvellous love for you.